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Frozen Banner & Valid Usernames

Today I found one new item in Jam Mart Furniture, the Frozen Banner. This item is resold from 2011, from the Ice Den collection.

For today's side topic, I will talk about account usernames that are not in use, and yet cannot be created. For example, you search a username and it says it doesn't exist. But, when you try to create an account with that username, you can't. You will get this pop up:
Here is the list that I discovered is not considered "a valid username".

This used to be the most hacked account on Animal Jam. It's username was password; and it's password was password. AJHQ deleted this account when they realized it was being hacked, and no one can create an account with this username anymore.

Any Alpha
You cannot create an account with any Alpha's name to prevent tricking Jammers that a player is an Alpha.

Any Guide
In 2010 and 2011, AJHQ employees roamed the streets of Jamaa as Guides. Their usernames were something like "GuideRabbit". A username cannot be created if it has the word "guide" in it.

Before late 2012, Alphas were called "Shamans". You cannot create an account with the word "shaman" in it.

You cannot create an account with the name "AJHQ" to prevent tricking jammers that you work for Animal Jam.

I hope this was interesting! If you have any ideas for side topics submit them here.



  1. heres another username you cant use anymore

    wando20- i bet most of you have heard of wando20 to many people were impostering her and then animal jam just made it so you cant use the username wando20 anymore she then changed her username to pangaea and then she changed it again i forget what too..

    1. umm pangaea isn't really wando20.. she was just her friend and after wando20 quit do to bullies she gave her blog and youtube to pangaea but pangaea just stole her fame and said she was her..

      but i am not going there again because everyone is just going to yell at me.. like they did last time i tried to tell them that and i know its not her because i used to be wando20's 1# fan but she got like really mean when she changed to pangaea so i think thats pangaea isn't really wando20 i once made a video proving it but i deleted the video because of to much drama

    2. Ok. I've nevr heard of her, so she must not be very famous. I don't really care about all that drama though. I play Animal Jam for these three reasons:

      1. The exotic/wild lands and animals
      2. The great background story
      3. To practice my technology skills by designing and posting on this blog

      I used to have fun with my online friends but most of them quit.

    3. Actually Wando is famous and she's one of my good friends. And Pangaea is her.

    4. Famous as in 300k hits? That is usually what I consider famous... what is her blog URL?

    5. Okay, 98k hits. But her blog isn't active. So yeah. >.< I can't think of tomarrow's side topic. This is so sad. I know I'm going lose sleep over this. o.o

  2. Thanks for the information!


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