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Smack of Jellyfish and 2011

Today there is a cool new item in Sunken Treasures, the Jellyfish really swim around! If only we had something like this for land dens.

For today's side topic I will describe to you in depth what early 2011 was like in Animal Jam. It started with the weel known snow covering Jamaa. Jammers were buying all the Jamaalidays items. Then, when the friendship festival came around, all those items became rare. you could trade about four of them for a worn blanket. Gloves were the ultimate goal back then; a good trade for a glove would be a Tie, Worn Blanket, Fox Hat, and other rare. Or you could trade four worn blankets. You see how easy it was back then for new Jammers to get lots of rares? Rares were so plentiful that no one was popular because of them. There were always many, many other people rarer than you. Rares were just a pastime. Jammers mostly enjoyed designing their dens, talking with friends, and exploring. Jamaa was always changing, no one new what to expect. Fun clans developed on each land, that were fair and kind. The clans fought against each other, but in a playful manner. There were very few members at first. The few ones were mostly very kind and enjoyed showing us around their dens and sending us member items. Nonmembers had two basic privileged that I believe shouldn't have been taken away, the ability to change colors of items and receive gifts. Last but not least, there were guides, everywhere. They would play games with us, send us gems and rare items, and give hints to future updates.

Can you notice how much better than AJ is today? The reason it isn't is partly because of AJHQ, but mostly because of snotty rare item hoarders. They think they are so great because they have rares, but the truth is they are just as good as any other Jammer. They are stopping the Trading System, rares are going out of circulation and people are forgetting the value of items. Lets do our part to bring back Jamaa. Send AJHQ a letter asking for these changes. They listen to us.



  1. It's totally annoying that some other Jammers act like they're superior to others. Member and Non-member alike.

    And I think it's really cool that Non-members get to change colors and receive gifts (I'm a Non-member). I sure hope that they bring these priveleges back. :)

    1. I remember when 95% of Jamaa was nonmember. When I first saw a Member, I got so excited! I was amazed at his huge castle den, and the cool items. Back then practically everyone was nice. Members would send me Member items, hoping I could wear the. Unfortunately, it didn't work that way.

  2. I wish it was still in that era.

  3. I accidentally read smack of jellyfish as snack of jellyfish.

  4. mmm yummy jellyfish lol



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